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REALTOR® Political Action Committee

Since 1969, RPAC has promoted the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is clear: REALTORS® raise and spend money to elect candidates who understand and support their interests.

The money to accomplish this comes from voluntary contributions made by REALTORS®. These are not members’ dues; this is money given freely by REALTORS® in recognition of how important campaign fundraising is to the political process.

RPAC doesn’t buy votes. RPAC enables REALTORS® to support candidates that support the issues that are important to their profession and livelihood.* Visit the REALTOR® Action Center

*Contributions are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. RPAC contributions are voluntary and used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal or otherwise impacting your membership rights. For individuals investing $1,000.00 or greater, up to 30% of this total investment may be forwarded to the National Association of Realtors® RPAC. All amounts forwarded to the National Association of Realtors® RPAC are charged against the applicable contribution limits under 52 U.S.C. 30116. Nothing herein shall be construed as a solicitation of contributions from non-members. A copy of the federal report, filed by National RPAC with the Federal Election Commission, is available for purchase from the Federal Election Commission, Washington D.C.20463. State reports are filed with the Michigan Secretary of State, Elections Division, Lansing, Michigan. 

*Make Your Annual RPAC Donation Now

  • Call GKAR @ 269-382-1597, ext. 112

  • Donate directly
  • Donate through GKAR online, via Member Central
    • Navigate to and login to your account.
    • Select Personal Services, then RPAC Contribution, from the menu bar along the top.
    • Email with the amount you contributed to each fund (Candidates and/or Initiatives). *If no message is received within 24 hours, the money will be applied to RPAC 1 (Candidates).

2023 Donors


Advocacy; Board of Directors; Advocacy; Budget and Finance; Membership; Professional Development

Golden R $5,000+


Crystal R $5,000+


Sterling R $1,000+

Robin Pompey

Gold Circle $500-$999

Suzzette Deaux
Lisa Faber
Kathy King
Peggy Napier
Theresa Page
Steve Revor
Natalie Rowe

Silver Circle $250-$499

Dennis Bronson
Lee Crossley
Linda Hazelhoff
Jennifer Lane-Alwen
Jodi Noble

Century Circle $100-$249

Lori Barnett
Jason Bateman
Charlie Bradford
Wendy Conner
Colleen Dawson
Melissa Doubleday
Tammy Dykema
Angie Forward
Carol Howard
Ellen Jarl
Alex Jeffries
Maureen Kelly
Chuck Kinnane
Justin Lennon
Twala Lockett-Jones
Nick Lucchetti
Ryan Maneke
Erin McEntee
Aimee Potts
Nita Rich
Joe Richards
Cassie Scramlin
Misty Segraves
Suzanne Sloan
Mary Beth Sons
Chris Speer
Karla VanderWeide
Kathi Vlachos
Katharine Werme Hermsen
Rick Zuiderveen